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Ms Douglas is sure to be one of your favorite people in the library! She has been working with Metro Nashville Public Schools since 1996; she's worked as a middle and high school library clerk, as a book processor for the Library Services Department, a guidance clerk, and a registrar. She's a Nashville native and graduated from Stratford High. She attended Nashville Medical College and graduated as a medical secretary. After college she worked in a doctor's office.

​Ms Douglas enjoys spending time with her family and her cats. She's been married for over 30 years and she loves to read her Bible. She is currently reading the Morning Shade series. She is very shy, so you need to come in to get to know her.

Ms Douglas always has a smile, and she goes out of her way to help our patrons. She has a great sense of humor and often tricks Ms Chen into thinking she is serious.

So what is a library clerk and what does one do?

Stratford STEM School Library is extremely fortunate to have a capable library clerk, Ms Tecumseh Douglas. The primary responsibility in this role is to welcome all patrons and keep the library facility running smoothly. In this role, your library clerk:

  • manages book check-out

  • shelves books

  • prints & copies for the patrons

  • computer trouble-shoots for patrons

  • advises and recommends book selection

  • teaches patrons how to use the library catalog system

  • helps students find available makerspace resources like staplers, hole punchers, etc...

  • laminates items for teachers

  • takes attendance for students in virtual classes

  • encourages every visitor to sign-in

  • sorts a plethora of paperwork and mail

  • hangs artwork and other student work for display in the library

  • fills copiers and printers with paper

  • cleans computers to make them operate faster

  • sets up displays

  • maintains a neat, clean atmosphere

  • assists teachers with check-out of teacher materials in the back rooms

  • keeps up with the student wish-list for book orders

  • answers the phone

  • distributes and collects Limitless Library items

  • checks out laptops to high school students for overnight use

  • sorts through donated titles in order to determine appropriateness for our library

  • maintains organizational systems in storage areas

  • assists in supervision of students

  • reorganizes of the collection when necessary

  • assists with the planning of the library displays and events

  • helps with visuals and decor associated with programming (like creating signage for the library) 

  • manages schedules for class visitations

  • maintains schedules for study rooms

  • enters data into the online information system for our library collection

  • determines policies and procedures which help to maintain a welcoming, organized, and useful physical space for the school community

  • supervises student library aides and manages the volunteers who contribute to the successful operation of this facility

  • encourages teachers and staff to utilize the library

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