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YALSA: A division of the American Library Association, YALSA's mission is to expand and strengthen library services for teens, ages 12–18; this organization sponsors Young Adult Literature Symposium, Teen Read Week, and Teen Tech Week.

LitPick Book Reviews: Formerly called Flamingnet, this site is a AASL Best Picks site for students.  Young adult books reviewed by young adult reviewers.  It can be enjoyed by an entire class, a book club, or an individual reader. 

Goodreads: The world's largest site for readers and book recommendations. Track your own reading, see what your friends are reading, and receive personalized book recommendations Geared toward adults or older readers.
Reading from around the World. 

Guys Read: This site is dedicated to promoting materials that boys like to read. It provides rationale and materials for how we can help boys read more and improve their literacy! It includes book suggestions based on theme, info on authors, reading lists, and ratings, plus more! If there's a teen boy in your world (or if you are a teen boy), you need to know about this site!


Mrs. Readerpants: It sounds young, I realize, but she really has some good recommendations - even for older kids. I like that she has genrefied her lists (put them in groups by genre), and she gives a parents' perspective, so for parents or teachers who are wanting to take an active role in reading with your kids, this is a great resource. 

Young Adult (and kids) Book Central: Similar to Flixters for movies, this site gives a basic run-down of the book, then a score from the experts and a score from the readers. It's a great way to see reviews on new books, and readers can join as reviewers as well. This is a fun social experience for tween and teen readers as well as a helpful resource.

Scholastic's Top Picks: Scholastic lists all their award winning Young Adult books for the year..

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