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ACT Help

The Tennessee Electronic Library – Learning Express has ACT prep help for you.


Go to http: //

Click on Test Prep


Register for free one time to save your scores. Then login and practice often. See Ms Chen in the library for assistance and training.

Websites with ACT / SAT Prep help
- Warning - Some may have ads 

Users can view tutorials, answer practice questions, create flashcards, and more in preparation for the ACT or SAT. The course is customized and adapts based on the user’s skill level and keeps track of what they’ve studied and how well they’re doing. There is even immediate feedback for every incorrect answer on a practice test, so the user can learn from their mistake and push forward towards a better score. > Getting In > ACT & SAT
7 FREE Resources for ACT / SAT Test Prep | College Raptor<>

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